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3251 Plateau Boulevard
Coquitlam, BC
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Bar & Grill

3251 Plateau Boulevard
Coquitlam, BC
V3E 3B8
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The Executive
12-Hole Course

1630 Parkway Boulevard
Coquitlam, BC
V3E 2Y5
(604) 941-4236
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Grill & Patio

1630 Parkway Boulevard
Coquitlam, BC
V3E 2Y5
(604) 941-4219
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Story of Rogue

Our restaurant is dedicated to Westwood Plateau’s most interesting resident… a man named Rogue!

Originally from Scotland (or Ireland – he won’t tell us and his accent is neither), Rogue was one of the very first caddies on the PGA Tour “one big party”, and after that he went on to even greater success as a golf ball tester – or as he often boasts – “more accurate than Iron Byron”.

rogue-portraitToday, Rogue lives in one of the large homes up here on the Plateau. He can often be seen in and around the facility – enjoying an afternoon coffee, tinkering with golf clubs at the Academy Golf Shop or caddying for one of our up-and-coming juniors.

We asked Rogue if we could use his name and display some of his personal collection because we admire his two great passions – his celebration of great golf shots and his love of being with good people!

As a caddie, Rogue has personally witnessed many of the greatest shots ever played. Hogan’s one iron, he was there! Sarazen’s double eagle, Rogue wiped it clean! Jack’s first green jacket, Rogue almost locked it in the trunk! And not only can he talk endlessly (and we mean endlessly!) about every exact detail, Rogue can also tell you about many not so famous great shots. Just last year he witnessed one of our guests’ hole a 5 iron on #15 from a downhill lie with a strong crossbreeze and a distracting partner eager on the accelerator!

One thing else is clear! Rogue loves to hear stories about great golf shots, and when he’s around, he’s been known to buy a drink or two to the player with the shot of the day! Rogues second greatest passion comes from his love of people! When you hear Rogue say he’s “been there… done that”- believe him because Rogue loves to throw a party and be a great host!

There are many famous tales of incredible parties held at Rogues house, with guests from Hollywood stars to PGA players to Kings and Queens of countries. Rogue loves to be a good host, and since our job is to be your great host every time you’re here, we have asked him to be our inspiration to make sure we do everything right! And besides, it gets him out of the house and gives him something to do when he’s not watching the Golf Channel!

So welcome to Rogues, a place to talk about your great shots of today, yesterday or tomorrow! And if you see Rogue, make sure you tell him about it!

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